The Greatest Teddy Bear Museum

The Dorchester museum in the UK makes a special exhibit of teddy bears with a collection so attractive, that people continue to donate from their own personal collection,
perhaps acquired from Budget plush teddy bears price range suppliers such as this one.
Antique ranges cover antique teddies, through vintage to today’s latest designs
Many will have heard of the top names such as Steiff and Chad Valley. These and many more are well represented in the display.
Teddies originated in many different ways. Some from the world of books such as Winnie the Pooh, Rupert from the Daily Express newspaper, and Paddington, a more recent creation.
Remember Sooty and Sweep? Well Sooty is also a bear although this time one you can animate yourself and was created by Harry Corbert , who made many t.v. shows of his adventures.
Yo will also recall the 60s character of Yogi Bear from Hanna Barbera studios the USA. Here the bear is a  cartoon character, another totally different starting point.

To give a setting for the exhibit a Victorian house design was chosen although many bears may not suit it, it does give a starting point.
Those that are from the period look particularly at home here.

We have Edward Bear at the door welcoming us in for  a glass of sherry, with his decidedly posh manners as you would expect of the landed teddy bear  gentry.
In fact the large bears themselves have a collection of teddies. So it becomes very family like. You enter the full size room and simply indulge in the atmosphere. I can only wonder at the effect his has on kids who really love teddies. It must be quite profound. It might even make lifelong converts to the club of teddy bear lovers.

The museum itself started in Bournemouth and was later relocated to Dorchester and renamed The  House of Teddy.
It has developed such a standing that today it is officially recognised a the  first Teddy Bear Museum of the U.K.